Bryan-Abdul Collins
Brand Strategist
& Experience Designer

The Official
Atlanta Hawks
Kids Club
We were challenged to craft a distinct brand for the Atlanta Hawks’ youth program, with the knowledge that lifelong fandom starts at an early age.

Our approach explored the shared values of the Hawks, Atlanta, parents, and the next generation of basketball fans.

We synthesized our discoveries into an exciting identity that celebrates youth, the spirit of Atlanta, and inspires kids to scream with fan pride.

My responsibilities:

Leading audience and market research
Defining brand position
Defining strategic marketing opportunities
Leading naming exercises

CPS Chaps
8 inc.
CPS Chaps is one of Thailand’s oldest and best known fashion brands. 8 inc. was brought on for a holistic revamp of the label which included: conception and design of a new flagship store, brand positioning, communication design, and in-store purchase experiences.

Our approach was to unpack the brands connection and affinity towards cultural imports like American Rock-n-Roll, and to fuse that spirit with values that are uniquely Thai.

What resulted was a new bold vernacular for the brand, based on the concept of “Raw and Real”; Raw emotion and authenticity being values that transcend the fickle nature of fast fashion and root the brand in personal expression and style... not trend.

My responsibilities:

Conduct market and audience research
Co-Facilitate leadership workshops
Crafting brand positioning
Experience design
Creative direction for brand relaunch
Defining strategic marketing opportunities

Zebra Home
8 inc.

Zebra home is a lifestyle brand based in Guangzhou, China. They create beautifully designed home goods in partnership with independent Nordic designers. Our team worked on a holistic experience masterplan for the brand, which included: Store design, marketing communications, experience design, and digital touch points.

My responsibilities:

Establish enviromental graphics direction
In-store app design

8 inc.

Kymdam, founded in 1954, is Vietnam’s leading producer of latex mattresses. As the brand sets its eyes on entering the competitive bedding market in the US, they required a partner that could help them translate their unique offering to a new audience, and develop a position that would allow them to stand out. We developed a holistic experience masterplan that embraces nature, the benefits of latex, and its connection to wellness.

My responsibilities:

Conduct market and audience research
Define product positioning
Crafted brand tone of voice.
Creative direction