CPS Chaps
8 inc.
CPS Chaps is one of Thailand’s oldest and best known fashion brands. 8 inc. was brought on for a holistic revamp of the label which included: conception and design of a new flagship store, brand positioning, communication design, and in-store purchase experiences.

Our approach was to unpack the brands connection and affinity towards cultural imports like American Rock-n-Roll, and to fuse that spirit with values that are uniquely Thai.

What resulted was a new bold vernacular for the brand, based on the concept of “Raw and Real”; Raw emotion and authenticity being values that transcend the fickle nature of fast fashion and root the brand in personal expression and style... not trend.

My responsibilities:

Conduct market and audience research
Co-Facilitate leadership workshops
Crafting brand positioning
Experience design
Creative direction for brand relaunch
Defining strategic marketing opportunities